CY365, week ending 6/29

23. Pathway
24. A Dramatic Scene X
25. Put It On A Plate
26. Boots
27. Abandoned X
28. Fresh Produce
29. A Dark Backdrop X

Hmmm, did I get any closer to using the prompts this week?

IMG_4236This comfy bed was ABANDONED….

20130628-IMG_4050Oh, deer.

20130624-IMG_4013-2Something ducky is going on in these bubbles!

20130628-IMG_4067A DRAMATIC SCENE.

IMG_4233Morning Commute.20130628-IMG_4056A DARK BACKGROUND

IMG_4240Seen in the light of day, it is very understandable why there was no window in the bathroom. Ugly floor, GONE! (stay tuned for the Big Bathroom reveal!)


A thirty year old photo, of my favorite youngest brother, Anoki.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Take a few minutes to visit his website, Buddhabadges.

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