Capture you 365, another week!

7. April Showers   8. Pastel  9. Ears 10. 100   11. Overgrown  12. A Touch of Yellow  13. A Feature

2013-04 APR-9A touch of yellow.—It is that Yellow time of year, when all the oaks awaken. This washed off with the morning rain (and so could also work for April showers!)IMG_3536-001A Feature was also described as a self portrait, so here is the birthday girl and her mommy! The feature could be our glasses, or smiles!


IMG_3523100. One hundredth day of the year, and the challenge, if you started on 1/1 (I didn’t)  This Tulip tree has at LEAST 100 blossoms!

2013-04 APR-2Self portrait? Diana Gabaldon at an author signing. (Ok, I didn’t take this image, I took one just before it for a someone I just met on the signing line and didn’t think I should post her face on my blog. However, she used my camera and took this for me, so we will call it even—and cool!)

IMG_3517Ears. (earrings!)

IMG_3487Pastel? Well, only in the post processing, but… Winking smile

Pretty good this week, almost EVERY shot hits the subject of the day!

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