CY365 This Week in Photos…

All good things, because this week needed good…

14. Stairs (or leading line) The CLASSIC perspective shot…never grows old!2013-04 APR 18-82
15. Sprouts well, it’s not QUITE a bloom yet)IMG_3551
16. A Pie (turns out to be a typo for PILE of ProduceIMG_3548
17. A Sign

2013-04 APR 18-87
18. Passed Down/heirloom (old machinery in courtyard in Old Towne)2013-04 APR 18-59
19. On The Edge (of chaos… the calm before the storm)IMG_3566
20. White


There you go. Another week finished.Have you decided to join, taking a photo a day?

REQUEST: Heading to New Orleans in a few weeks. Recommendations for FOOD (not seafood) and FUN and quilt stores between Virginia-Pensacola.FL and New Orleans/Lafayette, LA

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