Whoops… Right…photo a day, resumes now…

I got totally lazy the last few weeks! Sorry. The words for the past two weeks—landmark, pinecone, color, hunt, flowing, minimal, dyed, baskets, foolish, strut, where I stand, brand new, unlikely pair, morning light…

(You can play a guessing game, and draw a virtual arrow to your likely guesses, or whatever!Smile with tongue out)2013-03 March EasterWeekend-372013-04 April 8-212013-03 March EasterWeekend-9IMG_3470IMG_3508IMG_3465


2013-03 March EasterWeekend-322013-03 March EasterWeekend-1942013-03 March EasterWeekend-1452013-03 March EasterWeekend-242013-03 March EasterWeekend-196IMG_0150

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