CY 365 Photos this Week!

This week, in photos.

IMG_3345That appears to be blue sky. Welcome back! Please bring spring!

IMG_3367New ‘lens’ and film for my iPhone Hipstamatic camera. Wow. Could fit into Texture…

2013-03 MAR23_-67Re-enactors in Petersburg, VA…playing a game?

2013-03 MAR23_-79Hiding in plain sight until a few days ago, these cherry blossoms want to show off!

2013-03 MAR18This iris leave could be wearing green, or it could be ‘spots’

2013-03 MAR18-2Hiding. I love the look of these leaves. I am normally not able to stop and shoot when I see them on the side of the road, and I have noticed that they hide in the woods until a misty, rainy overcast day. I just happened to have my baby camera with me this time!IMG_3376Plant something. This pothos plant has been in my life since…well, forever? I could probably dig up a photo of it on the mantle in 1975 if I looked hard. I have 4 cuttings currently going, just repotted this week.


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