Ready, Set, FEAST!

I know this week is a short one at work for most. There are turkeys and stuffing and pies to think about, and the thought of 3 or 4 or 5 days away from your job; the myriad things you can do…shop, decorate, visit with friends and family. Laugh, relax. EAT.

So, I offer here just two things.


A Public Service Announcement; offered with the gentlest of smiles, and the sincerity of years on the other side. (At a job I ENJOY, and believe I am good at, thank you. Despite my little rants, I am a professional and expect the same from my staff at all times.)

Be KIND to the people you meet on Black Friday: The throngs of likeminded holiday shoppers who are determined in any way possible to make Christmas dreams come true. Think back to Thursday, when you sat, stuffed at the Thanksgiving table, and remember this….

It’s your day off. As was Thursday, as will be Saturday and Sunday. While you are scurrying about, trying to locate the best and brightest (and the cheapest) don’t take it out on the unfortunate other shopper who got to the parking space first. Park in “Outer Siberia” (the ring road around any mall) and walk, breath deeply, enjoy the briskness of the season, and worry not over getting the spot closest to the door. You will be liberated by this small lack of stress.

Recall this, as well. Chant it as a mantra if you must. “I do NOT need to buy everything TODAY.” You have 26 more days to find the perfect gift. (If you can’t find it in 26 days, is it possible you have over-thought or over-bought in years gone by? Let go, and go for less than perfect.)

And please, be aware that the poor harried cashier, stock boy, sales person, or even store manager is NOT personally out to get you, to ruin your day or you child’s holiday.

Generally speaking, it’s not their fault if the advertised item is out of stock by the time you got there. (They don’t hoard things, waiting for the saddest story, the most forlorn face, before they whip the item out from behind a curtain with a flourish. They want it sold. They had it, they sold it. Sorry.)

That there aren’t any more shopping carts is really not something they can control.  If all the registers are running, the lines can’t really be blamed on the cashiers. (Possibly it’s the person she is with, who INSISTS that every item is on sale, and needs price checks?)

If all the registers are not up, it may be someone came down with the flu, or is helping someone in aisle 12, or is stuck trying to get into the parking lot (or possibly just needed a pee break.)

That a salesperson can not answer to your satisfaction questions (simplex or complex) that you pose about an item is more the product of Corporate not allowing enough and early hiring, or training to the level that the store management might prefer, and that the customer would prefer.

Your salesperson was likely hired a few weeks ago, at something close to minimum wage (currently $7.25 an hour… not enough to be thinking about buying most of what you have in your cart) and has no guarantee that her job will last more than the next thirty days. It may be her first job ever, it may be a second job so that she can buy Christmas gifts for her kids.

But, yes, she is happy for the job. (For that $7.25, how much rudeness and carrying on of shoppers could you put up with, still with an almost smile on your face?)

She arrived at work at 4:30 AM or is looking at the disaster of the sweater department with the sinking realization that she will not be leaving work until long after midnight.

Speak to a Corporate entity on Monday about the fact there weren’t more cashiers or sales people the floor, if you must. But know this. The store manager was given very stringent payroll that he or she MUST come in on. And to do that, they likely have worked and will work 6 or 7 day weeks till the new year.

Remember too, that these people gave up time with their family and friends on this holiday weekend so that on YOUR day off, you could shop.


I wish you the blessing of loved ones surrounding you, happy times, and many opportunities for you to look about you and realize all that you have to be thankful for.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Now, go EAT!

It’s Downhill from here….

The little ticker on my home page doesn’t lie, folks. THIRTY-NINE days till Christmas. That’s like, a month, dude, give or take a few days!

Are you ready for the holidays? Do you have the food planned for your Thanksgiving feast? (Nope, the list hasn’t come ‘round yet.)

Do you know where you are going? (The other Green House, if dinner is early enough. Otherwise I am getting a plate of leftovers to enjoy after dealing with the masses of the well fed and football challenged who will feel the need to descend upon the store at 5 pm, Thursday.) Who you are going with? (Timmy, I hope! (see above)…)

Have you plotted out your pre-strategy for Black Friday? (My preferred strategy is to to sleep in, and stay home, but my second choice is to be at the store at 5:30 AM—the only chance of getting home at a decent hour is if I open…)

You do know WHAT you want to buy, don’t you?? Your Christmas list is sitting right next to the computer, isn’t it? With lots of things crossed off already because you have been SO efficient this year? So that every little hint of inspiration is duly noted before it fades off into the ether, right?

(Oh, wait. You were going to be CREATIVE this Christmas. You were going to MAKE everything. Better get on it, chickie…times a-wasting!)

Go to the post office this week, buy your stamps (what do you mean you haven’t finished making your Christmas cards??? Not bought, either?? Tssk tsk…. ) Come on… it’s time NOW, so you don’t have to stand on line LATER! If you are VERY lucky, you have one of those APS machines and you can leave the house right now, Sunday afternoon, and take care of this small, but important task! (HINT: the parking lot is empty…..)

AND!!!!! Not only am I pulling together your PHOTO A DAY for the month of December, I am putting the finishing touches on a gift for YOU, this very moment….stay tuned for a very special give-away …..