It’s Downhill from here….

The little ticker on my home page doesn’t lie, folks. THIRTY-NINE days till Christmas. That’s like, a month, dude, give or take a few days!

Are you ready for the holidays? Do you have the food planned for your Thanksgiving feast? (Nope, the list hasn’t come ‘round yet.)

Do you know where you are going? (The other Green House, if dinner is early enough. Otherwise I am getting a plate of leftovers to enjoy after dealing with the masses of the well fed and football challenged who will feel the need to descend upon the store at 5 pm, Thursday.) Who you are going with? (Timmy, I hope! (see above)…)

Have you plotted out your pre-strategy for Black Friday? (My preferred strategy is to to sleep in, and stay home, but my second choice is to be at the store at 5:30 AM—the only chance of getting home at a decent hour is if I open…)

You do know WHAT you want to buy, don’t you?? Your Christmas list is sitting right next to the computer, isn’t it? With lots of things crossed off already because you have been SO efficient this year? So that every little hint of inspiration is duly noted before it fades off into the ether, right?

(Oh, wait. You were going to be CREATIVE this Christmas. You were going to MAKE everything. Better get on it, chickie…times a-wasting!)

Go to the post office this week, buy your stamps (what do you mean you haven’t finished making your Christmas cards??? Not bought, either?? Tssk tsk…. ) Come on… it’s time NOW, so you don’t have to stand on line LATER! If you are VERY lucky, you have one of those APS machines and you can leave the house right now, Sunday afternoon, and take care of this small, but important task! (HINT: the parking lot is empty…..)

AND!!!!! Not only am I pulling together your PHOTO A DAY for the month of December, I am putting the finishing touches on a gift for YOU, this very moment….stay tuned for a very special give-away …..

3 thoughts on “It’s Downhill from here….

  1. I love I do most of my shopping around Dec. 15 from the comfort of my own chair. Plus we have to get through Thanksgiving, thankfully not here, Betsy’s birthday the day after Thanksgiving, and then moving MIL in.


    I hate the holidays. : (



  2. how many days? My list is small this year, and some gifts are made and will be given during a family gathering the Saturday after Thanksgiving. I’m finishing up a quilt that will be given the first weekend of Dec… and then I’m done. Online orders are on their way… and definitely no Black Friday shopping for me!


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