Mega Photo Uploads in my future…

We’re BACK! From vacation, that is. Back to the real world …

But before all that, I have photos! LOTS. I don’t have a tally yet, as I am deleting duplicates and such, but the number is large. Like a thousand large.

I blogged  a few times while away;  if you didn’t get it, you can scroll below to see what you’ve missed… I discovered that my Gmail address book is not up-to-date with my Thunderbird email on my PC so a lot of you didn’t get an update. I know you are sad. I apologize… 😉

However, the other numbers I do have.

13 States.

15 Days.

2 Duffle bags. *(and assorted other things to fill up the back seat of the convertible)

6047 miles.

1 Mosquito bite.

1 Cold, passed back and forth.

Countless memories.

( ALL my vacation photos…so far) Click to see what I’ve uploaded. Share with your friends! LIKE them. Click on the green Thumbs Up at the upper right hand corner to let me know what you like best. (hover your mouse there, it will show up) Oh, and COMMENT on them, too!!! I love to hear your thoughts.

We go back to work on Sunday. Between now and then, a lot of uploading, organizing, oh, and laundry and all that rot.

PS Dad is not doing well. He’s back in the hospital, this time with a collapsed lung. That has been fixed, but now there is an infection … Prayers, good vibes and all of those warm fuzzy things are needed, please. We are heading up to NJ on Saturday.

It’s all downhill from here..

Top of the world, ma! Timmy on Trail Ridge Road in Rocky Mountain National Park.2010_Aug 29 RMNP-109-








Stellar’s Jay, RMNP

2010_Aug 29 RMNP-47-













Bonneville Salt Flats…with a storm approaching…

2010_Aug 27 SLC-19-

Because it’s not a vacation without some broken down structure or another attracting my attention…..(after sunset, behind a fence, and barefoot…Timmy just shakes his head and pulls over) Montpelier Idaho.

2010_Aug Vacation-22-

We were on the “If it’s Thursday it must be Paris” tour of the country!

2010_Aug Vacation-10-

Ok, one more wildlife image…..Elk frolicking in a stream, RMNP…2010_Aug 29 RMNP-138-

We are leaving the Denver area today (after hitting up one more quilt store—I am going to spend the better part of the next week trying to ignore any others, I SWEAR!)

So, it’s all over except for the unexpected gems we may run across on our way home, seemingly just in time to be greeted by Earl…oh, joy. But you must have rain to get rainbows, I suppose…2010_Aug 29 RMNP-193-

We watched this rainbow form as we were driving out of Granby last night…from our view it never got any larger….

Vacation, part two…

2010 08 24_1025 Mammoth Hot Springs, Yellowstone, (Canary Springs?)

2010 08 24_1180- Timmy and I on Beartooth Pass.

2010 08 24_1274 Yep, REAL wildlife this time. Bison, Yellowstone.

2010 08 22_0605 I rented a 200-500 zoom lens before leaving. This is Crazy Horse, up close and personal….(and what an inspirational project…)

2010 08 22_1089 President Lincoln, Mt Rushmore (For scale comparison, all of Mt Rushmore can fit in the space behind Crazy Horses head …)

2010 08 23_0787 Devils Tower.

I have too many images, by the way! I have to do some serious culling and editing before I post to my website, but figured I would continue to offer a taste….we are having a BLAST!