Vacation, part two…

2010 08 24_1025 Mammoth Hot Springs, Yellowstone, (Canary Springs?)

2010 08 24_1180- Timmy and I on Beartooth Pass.

2010 08 24_1274 Yep, REAL wildlife this time. Bison, Yellowstone.

2010 08 22_0605 I rented a 200-500 zoom lens before leaving. This is Crazy Horse, up close and personal….(and what an inspirational project…)

2010 08 22_1089 President Lincoln, Mt Rushmore (For scale comparison, all of Mt Rushmore can fit in the space behind Crazy Horses head …)

2010 08 23_0787 Devils Tower.

I have too many images, by the way! I have to do some serious culling and editing before I post to my website, but figured I would continue to offer a taste….we are having a BLAST!

One thought on “Vacation, part two…

  1. I see that the Crazy Horse monument has progressed since I saw it in 1990. I remember the awe inspired moment when Mt Rushmore came into view, riding behind DH on the Harley… indescribable!


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