Mega Photo Uploads in my future…

We’re BACK! From vacation, that is. Back to the real world …

But before all that, I have photos! LOTS. I don’t have a tally yet, as I am deleting duplicates and such, but the number is large. Like a thousand large.

I blogged  a few times while away;  if you didn’t get it, you can scroll below to see what you’ve missed… I discovered that my Gmail address book is not up-to-date with my Thunderbird email on my PC so a lot of you didn’t get an update. I know you are sad. I apologize… 😉

However, the other numbers I do have.

13 States.

15 Days.

2 Duffle bags. *(and assorted other things to fill up the back seat of the convertible)

6047 miles.

1 Mosquito bite.

1 Cold, passed back and forth.

Countless memories.

( ALL my vacation photos…so far) Click to see what I’ve uploaded. Share with your friends! LIKE them. Click on the green Thumbs Up at the upper right hand corner to let me know what you like best. (hover your mouse there, it will show up) Oh, and COMMENT on them, too!!! I love to hear your thoughts.

We go back to work on Sunday. Between now and then, a lot of uploading, organizing, oh, and laundry and all that rot.

PS Dad is not doing well. He’s back in the hospital, this time with a collapsed lung. That has been fixed, but now there is an infection … Prayers, good vibes and all of those warm fuzzy things are needed, please. We are heading up to NJ on Saturday.

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