Enough IS Enough

My Word of the year, 2014. 

ENOUGH!  (to see previous years …)

This one showed up a few weeks ago, driving to work.  A quilting group I am part of annually shares the words they want to use as a talisman for their art. And life, as the case may be. As it happens most years, the word of the year chooses me, and I am rarely in the mood for it, or willing to give it access to my entire year, but once rooted, it refuses to allow other words the opportunity to audition for such a lofty spot in my world! And this time, I feel like maybe it needs to be tattooed on my forehead.

Because, really, enough already!  (I feel somewhat successful in last years word, Choose. I did have the foot surgery, I do have a quilt going into MAQS this February…)


Where does the word ENOUGH fall in your life? As the parent hollering “ENOUGH” up the stairs at the children bickering? At the level of stupidity at work, does the word actually mean “Uncle”? I give up, I’ve had ENOUGH, I’m moving on?

Or is it more of a peaceful, comforting hug, reminding you that you have more than ENOUGH to make you happy, if only you allow it?

You know the future’s lookin’ brighter
Every mornin’ when I get up
Don’t be thinkin’ ’bout what’s not enough, now baby
Just be thinkin’ ’bout what we got

Oh-oh, rich man, poor man, now
Really don’t mean all that much
Mama’s always told you, girl
That money can’t buy you love
”  Eddie Money

(Yes, even songs on the radio jump on the “Word of the Year” Bandwagon. Eddie Money, Philosopher. Who knew?)

So, ENOUGH. I, of course, have ENOUGH.

  • ENOUGH food that deciding what to make for dinner is the dilemma.
  • ENOUGH food that I can’t recall the last time I went to bed hungry.
  • ENOUGH money that deciding what restaurant to have dinner at is a question we ask too often.
  • ENOUGH money that we have to decide where we want to go on vacation each year, rather than having to decide which bill we don’t pay this month.
  • ENOUGH heat in our home that I sleep warmly that well, scratch that, I think I could always use another quilt or two on the bed! But I have them to use!
  • ENOUGH clothing that I don’t have to do laundry every third day. (Actually, so much clothing that the laundry seems to be full every third day!)
  • ENOUGH books (blasphemy!) that I could never be bored.
  • ENOUGH fabric to quilt every day of my life, and have to live to a ripe old age before running low. (Although, thread and batting might be needed.)
  • ENOUGH quilting patterns I shouldn’t ever have to duplicate a quilt.
  • ENOUGH creativity to ditch the majority of the patterns I do have, except for inspiration.
  • ENOUGH beads to make jewelry for more people than I know.
  • ENOUGH  cats that Nope, never too many of those.
  • ENOUGH health that most days I get up headache free, and can throw my legs over the edge of the bed with only mild groaning, can do the things I want and need to do with only marginal complaint and pain. And I make it through my day without medication of the life-saving sort. Too many people don’t have that luxury.
  • ENOUGH support from the people around me, who love me as I am, unconditionally, that I can soar!
  • ENOUGH friends and family that my Christmas tree looks dwarfed by presents.20131218-IMG_7550
  • ENOUGH hours in the day to Ok, so this word isn’t all-inclusive, and has limits. But, that sounds like LIFE.
  • ENOUGH love that I feel rich, indeed.

What do do with this word:

Therein lies the issue.  I can easily cut in half the number of clothes I buy. That frees up money spent at thrift stores, and time looking around them. I could easily lighten the load on the closet and the dresser and still have ENOUGH to be suitably attired for whatever comes along.  I can stay out of the quilt shops, and really only buy what is essential to finishing, not something because I must have this fabric. (Don’t fear, Joyce! You KNOW I will be buying!) Don’t see this as a resolution, by the way. I like pretty things!

I think this word is more of the emotional variety.

  • Glass half full and all that.
  • See the positive.
  • Look for the good parts of not continuing to acquire; indeed, looking at what can be removed from life, without creating a sense of denial or punishment.
  • A lot of that is about creativity and about being happy in your own skin and happy in the place you find yourself. 
  • Looking at everything you need to say no to, and realizing all the things you get to say yes to that so many other people couldn’t imagine!
  • Lighting the candle or cursing the darkness.
  • Being upset it isn’t Paris or excited that it is a vacation! 

So, soon will begin the declutter. Again. This time, it needs to be not only of things, but of thoughts. Knowing it’s a WONDERFUL life, just the way it is.  That, indeed, is ENOUGH.

I Wish You Enough— “I wish you enough sun to keep your attitude bright.
I wish you enough rain to appreciate the sun more.
I wish you enough happiness to keep your spirit alive.
I wish you enough pain so that the smallest joys in life appear much
I wish you enough gain to satisfy your wanting.
I wish you enough loss to appreciate all that you possess.
I wish enough “Hello’s” to get you through the final “Goodbye.”

(click the link to get the entire story that makes the email rounds)

WHY enough is enough-A woman I used to know as a child wrote this; it doesn’t HAVE to pertain only to Christmas!

thoughts of new years, and resolutions and…

I wasn’t really going to do it. A New Year’s Resolution type of message. (But, it’s this or cleaning the house. You understand my dilemma don’t you??)

We can call it something else if you like, as it is NOT New Years eve yet.

Ok, so instead, some thoughts floating about, based on the ending part of years, and decades and the fact we are now 1/10 done with the 21st century.

We can all agree that world peace– now more than ever, tops the list. That we (anywhere on the planet) do not experience another 9/11, something that shaped the decade we leave.

Global warming– the things we can control in only the smallest of ways. But can, one by one, make impact.

The Economy—well, I spent many, many years living the “frugal life”, never having the ability to really tighten the belt any more than it was tightened. It can be somewhat discouraging to read a list of “easy ways to save money” tips that included “cancel your cable, eat out less” when you didn’t HAVE cable to cut and Wendy’s was eating out!

Yes, now we have the cable, but if we didn’t we wouldn’t be watching TV…(I don’t really watch TV. Timmy does. We are not now at the place that this is something necessary to cut, thankfully.)

Eating out should be trimmed around here, and mostly for the ability to save calories.

So, to that end, the first ‘resolution-type’ idea will be to try one new dinner-ish recipe a week. And maybe even one new baking recipe. (And eating at home will give us the chance to utilize that cable even more!!!) You are all welcome to send along your favorite recipes for us to try!

More ‘resolution’ kind of posts to follow over the next few days.

Maybe STATING it to the entire world (ok, the 11 people who read this) will be motivation enough. Don’t forget to ask, “What’s for dinner?”

The Christmas rush is Through…

The Christmas rush is through –(but not over) Doing a mini-Christmas thing-y with girl child #1 on Monday and girl child # 2 Jan 2/3 in NJ, where we will also connect with brother #3 and his partner who are flying to the east coast, brother #1 and his fiancé coming down from the island, Dad and his Jan, and ultimately end up in Manhattan for the day to spend time playing with best friends #1 and #2!

So, not not over. Breaktime.

Time to ascertain exactly where this year went, (and WHY!?!?) what to regret, what to celebrate and what to do differently (or not) in 2010. (How do you say that? “two thousand-ten?” or “Twenty-Ten?” I prefer the second)

What? You expected resolutions TODAY? Come on. For the last two years, what I laughingly referred to as ‘resolutions’ showed up sometime around the end of January. (hmm. Something to ponder. Maybe I am shorting myself an entire month of the year that way…)

This is an exercise for YOU to ponder! You don’t need to share, unless your want to.

But can you find 10 things to celebrate and only half that many to regret, or do differently? I think that would provide the right balance.