thoughts of new years, and resolutions and…

I wasn’t really going to do it. A New Year’s Resolution type of message. (But, it’s this or cleaning the house. You understand my dilemma don’t you??)

We can call it something else if you like, as it is NOT New Years eve yet.

Ok, so instead, some thoughts floating about, based on the ending part of years, and decades and the fact we are now 1/10 done with the 21st century.

We can all agree that world peace– now more than ever, tops the list. That we (anywhere on the planet) do not experience another 9/11, something that shaped the decade we leave.

Global warming– the things we can control in only the smallest of ways. But can, one by one, make impact.

The Economy—well, I spent many, many years living the “frugal life”, never having the ability to really tighten the belt any more than it was tightened. It can be somewhat discouraging to read a list of “easy ways to save money” tips that included “cancel your cable, eat out less” when you didn’t HAVE cable to cut and Wendy’s was eating out!

Yes, now we have the cable, but if we didn’t we wouldn’t be watching TV…(I don’t really watch TV. Timmy does. We are not now at the place that this is something necessary to cut, thankfully.)

Eating out should be trimmed around here, and mostly for the ability to save calories.

So, to that end, the first ‘resolution-type’ idea will be to try one new dinner-ish recipe a week. And maybe even one new baking recipe. (And eating at home will give us the chance to utilize that cable even more!!!) You are all welcome to send along your favorite recipes for us to try!

More ‘resolution’ kind of posts to follow over the next few days.

Maybe STATING it to the entire world (ok, the 11 people who read this) will be motivation enough. Don’t forget to ask, “What’s for dinner?”