Week 9 (and 10!) of Photo a day, 2017

No one told me I missed last week! So, here are all 14 days, (plus bonuses)… but no prompt lists. ENJOY!


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Photos of the week. CY365 W/E 7/25/15

19. Placement  20. Arranged Neatly  21. Midpoint   22. Natural Beauty  23. Stacked  24. Mirrored  25. On the Right Side

11759397_10207808380271413_398345515_n19. Placement—A cherry on top! Celebrating National Ice Cream Day.
11759614_10207845583441469_347746810_n20. Arranged Neatly—This skeleton is posed differently every time I walk by at work.
11793863_10207845586841554_328371694_o21. Midpoint—that fuzzy black nose, right between her eyes.
11777432_10207845583161462_1626409470_o22. Natural Beauty—Sunrise on the trees.
11777431_10207857378216331_1857462207_o23. Stacked—a little bedtime reading at hand.
11721826_10207849414217236_1864570854_n Unprompted, but this needs to be seen. The poor boy will die of starvation at any moment.
11741857_10207825898789365_1652044017_nMy souvenir from California…

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