Happy 2016!  Time to rip open that new calendar! Break out the gym membership card, give up all that chocolate, stop staying up so late reading; you know– it’s resolution time! Ha! Not here. I talk the talk, alright, and what do we gain from it? (I will resolve to doing ONE of these things.)

I know, I know. “Shush. Too. Perky. Not. Enough. Coffee.”

img_0677No resolutions from this woman. But a WORD for the year, that I can do.  This word came, as it does, in the same organic fashion I have grown to expect. It pops up and says “Hi, I’m your word: You get to deal with it now!” It won’t leave, and it  is noisier than the other words. So, I always go with it. Introducing—


It is certainly the right word for the year. Big changes afoot. Timmy JUST retired on Monday after 37 years! (He’s far too young to have worked that long, I know 🙂 ) Yet, as he is  lacking a sufficient stash to be a gentleman of leisure–and he didn’t marry money– AND he keeps bringing home the wrong lottery ticket–he is going to be starting a new career on Monday.

This is huge as far as CHANGE goes; now I have more vacation days than he does!  But that’s probably OK; we can’t afford to have 6 weeks off if the paychecks are so much smaller. The REALLY big thing about this is that he will come home, EVERY NIGHT. He will not work 16 hour days, he will not have to go to work at midnight and get drafted to stay until 4pm the next day. He will SLEEP at night. And get up in the mornings! Talk about CHANGE!

“But,” you say. “That’s all well and good, and congratulations and all. But it’s YOUR blog, your word!”  True, that.

It IS time for change.  25 years in retail/management is long enough for anyone! So, what DO I want to do when I grow up? I am a creative problem solver…Now I have a problem to solve, too. But, some smaller changes can also be worked on, as well.

  • Can I become a finisher of quilts?
  • Can I change the desire to buy things; be happy with what I have?
  • Can I finally edit ALL the photos?
  • Can I do the dishes before I go to bed?
  • Can I change our eating habits?
  • Can I cook at home more?

It will be a big adjustment to our little corner of the world, this less money/ more time situation, but so much better, as long as we both approach this year as a time of change, of different, smaller expectations. I recall the truth of the saying, “Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans.”

12435979_10208893178030679_1667159247_nThese are previous years words–click on any to read that years essay.


Have a GREAT year! (Do YOU have a word? How does it work for you?)

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Welcome, 2012. Welcome, MOTION!

2011 is at its close. And it was a year, alright!

Begun with great personal sadness and ending with great and multiple personal gladness’s, I WEATHERED 2011 in more ways than I would have envisioned when I chose WEATHER as my word of the year. 2011’s word blog post


For the past few years, I have begun the year with a word… started in an online group of fiber artists, and each year, I admire their words, and think I might steal one of them, because I don’t have my own word yet.

This morning, as I was driving to work,  the word pronounced itself to me, fully formed, and refuses to allow further thought or negotiation.

So, for 2012, my word is MOTION.

There so many ways to interpret it, to analyze it, to live it…

The simple act of getting up out of bed means I am living my word!

(Talk about being successful with a resolution!!)

But, can I take it someplace further?

  • Colors answer feeling in man; shapes answer thought; and motion answers will. ~John Sterling
  • Envisioning the end is enough to put the means in motion~ Dorothea Brande
  • Growth, in some curious way, I suspect, depends on being always in motion just a little bit, one way or another.~ Norman Mailer
  • It is by will alone that I set my mind in motion.~ Mentat Prayer

For 2012, I have already set in motion my first one woman photo exhibit! I need to work on that, and make it become what I want it to be.

I have taken the first steps towards another run at organization of the house…

I have a date to meet with some quilt artists, and hope to see something new and exciting occur in the stagnant art place I find my fiber art resting…

But, could I take the concept of motion and make it bigger?  A few years back, Timmy and I were going to do the Ukrops 10k, but I had a foot issue… hmmm…

Arlie, Timmy—March 31 is far enough away to get our bodies in motion, too! (A body in motion STAYS in motion!!!)