Meet Twitchy…

Here, for your viewing pleasure, is a work in progress of mine. This is Twitchy.

Twitchy _face2

Twitchy is a doll that I have been working on on and off for the past two years.

She was named after my muse. My muse is a fickle wench, and she drags me hither and yon. I rarely can stay focused on one project (be it quilting, writing, photography, genealogy, gardening, housework…you get the idea, right??) long enough to complete it.

In the summer of 2007, I was deeply in the middle of writing a fan fiction story, when this line of prose came from my characters mouth. “Why so twitchy, Babe?”

Twitchy lying2

It didn’t suit the character in that particular environment; it wasn’t working in the greater scheme of things, so I abandoned it.

The sentence continued to haunt me for a week, so I wrote a little one shot, using the same characters but a different reality. Then that took on a life of its own, and that became a 15,000 word piece!

The story, Why So Twitchy Babe, is finished. As is the story that started it, Big Chill, after a long hiatus caused by Twitchy herself.

Twitchy, however, is still unfinished. She is only the second fabric doll I have ever made (the first being Eli, about 28 years ago, for my babiest brother)

Twitchy resting

I have made a lot of mistakes with her, (her head is on crooked, and she has the hands of a half-back for example) but I have been enjoying myself!

Twitchy believes that she should be somewhere on a sandy beach (cabana boys bringing her mojitos) looking for inspiration, not stuck sitting on a shelf in my studio…

He Stopped to smell the roses….

2009 ButterflyLGBGTiMMY(Timmy at the Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens)

A variety of random thoughts….tell me these stream of consciousness posts don’t entertain you!

First of all, thank everyone for your comments about Vivienne…as everyone else has discovered, she was special…I sent her niece a condolence card, and she replied that she felt the need to send everyone who met Viv a sympathy card, because everyone lost….

And to those who commented for the first time here, really my whining elsewhere about the lack of comments was NOT a plea for attention – VBG;)

…So, what else is up in the world?? It is JULY—can’t quite figure THAT out yet…

…Took off to NJ the other week, to see old friends and meet new ones…off to other places later in the month to repeat the exercise…

…I am finding change to be unacceptable when it comes to my computer…this VISTA thing is a PITA, although one function so far (writing and publishing this blog) seems good….although you may never receive another email, since they took away my Outlook Express!!!!……I am actually almost on target with the quilt I want to enter into the Hoffman Challenge, everyone keep those fingers crossed!!!…

…My stepson’s CD release party for their band MEMORY FADE was LOUD! But go listen to the music on their website, and buy the album! I will be putting up photos shortly….

….well, other than I am somewhat back on a genealogy kick, (so PLEASE, send me old photos and information!!)

I believe there’s not much else going on in this part of the world…


New Years Day 2009

If you are a sometimes reader of my blog (And, indeed as I am only a sometimes WRITER of said blog; I can’t ask more of YOU than I do of myself) you may recall that about 11 months back, I made some late entry New Years Resolutions.”

Well, yeah, that worked well. No, really it did. In a way. I DID get a good deal of Genealogical stuff scanned. But, I discovered a great deal more, and inherited a small collection of Nana’s photos, AND I never did get them all clean and shiny and up on line, so…

Let’s call it a wash, ok? No harm, no foul.

Tomorrow is a new day, and all that rot. I played with some the other day, and discovered that at least four generations of us have the same mouth. (What do YOU think?)

I could spend all my time editing them, bringing them back to life. It’s fun and keeps me from housework. Right there is reason enough, if you ask me.

However, it keeps me from quilting. (Somewhere in the studio are a few dozen unfinished projects) And from editing MY OWN photographs, burning CD’s, getting them on line and trying to sell some. Oh, and writing – It keeps me from writing –(I’ve a Fan Fiction story I’m 150k into, my hero is lying, gravely injured in a hospital bed, yet, here I am, goofing off. It’s no wonder my muse has up and left…)

So, do I do the New Years Resolution thing again? Or do I put my money where my mouth is with the whole Reduce, ReUse, Recycle theme and recycle LAST YEARS RESOLUTION(S)?

One ‘goal’ is going to be not taking plastic bags. I sew. I can make bags. For a buck I can BUY bags at the store. And do I NEED a bag for a roll of THREAD?? (thanks Kerin, for the inspiration)

Hmmm. Ok, that is a selfless resolution. Onto some selfish ones.

I will QUILT!!! I will try very hard to buy only SOME fabric. And I will even try to make said fabric have a plan! Not just become part of my Fabric 401k, (which by the way, despite the economy, is holding steady. A yard is a yard is 36 inches)

I will get off my duff and try to get some of my photographs SOLD. (wanna help?)

I think that’s enough. Don’t want to overdo the whole planning my life thing.

Another year over, a new one just begun….

And what have we to show for it?

New friends were made,

Old friends re-discovered.

Goodbyes were said,

But greetings were offered.

We experienced vast Historic days.

We strove to laugh in many ways.

New places were discovered;

Old places once again uncovered.

Happy news out weighed the sad;

On balance, it was a good year.

With more of the same to come! Happy New Year 2009!!

(Oh, I do have an interactive part to this New Years Resolution thing… I want YOU to resolve to leave me COMMENTS!!!!!)