I’m Still whining…

…Still haven’t quite gotten this new computer to be my friend…. Nothing is where I left it on my old one, I am still trying to figure this and that out,….

…and I am truly having a hard time finding an email reader I like! Apparently I spoiled myself and good when I was merrily sorting all my messages into dozens of neat little folders….so, if I’ve ignored you, you know why….

I have probably lost your message, and haven’t been able to sync my contacts list, so I don’t have your addy…sorry!

I’ll get it all figured out…it is cutting into my quilting time, and that is bad!

Click Here for some pictures of Josh’s concert the other night…2009627MemoryFade127 5x7

and if you poke around that site, in the Flowers gallery you will find some new IMG_3224 and roses, if that is more your speed…

Ok, off to consider something other than the computer OR the quilt for a little while!

He Stopped to smell the roses….

2009 ButterflyLGBGTiMMY(Timmy at the Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens)

A variety of random thoughts….tell me these stream of consciousness posts don’t entertain you!

First of all, thank everyone for your comments about Vivienne…as everyone else has discovered, she was special…I sent her niece a condolence card, and she replied that she felt the need to send everyone who met Viv a sympathy card, because everyone lost….

And to those who commented for the first time here, really my whining elsewhere about the lack of comments was NOT a plea for attention – VBG;)

…So, what else is up in the world?? It is JULY—can’t quite figure THAT out yet…

…Took off to NJ the other week, to see old friends and meet new ones…off to other places later in the month to repeat the exercise…

…I am finding change to be unacceptable when it comes to my computer…this VISTA thing is a PITA, although one function so far (writing and publishing this blog) seems good….although you may never receive another email, since they took away my Outlook Express!!!!……I am actually almost on target with the quilt I want to enter into the Hoffman Challenge, everyone keep those fingers crossed!!!…

…My stepson’s CD release party for their band MEMORY FADE was LOUD! But go listen to the music on their website, and buy the album! I will be putting up photos shortly….

….well, other than I am somewhat back on a genealogy kick, (so PLEASE, send me old photos and information!!)

I believe there’s not much else going on in this part of the world…