December 24, 2020 Christmas Photo A Day!

Life has been a little strange and the world seems so unsure, but we have learned, apart, that what we want more than anything, is to be TOGETHER.

Our very 2020 Christmas card!
Be safe! I want to see EVERYONE in 2021!

Our lives have been upended, but because of this we will be able to cherish 2021 and beyond, when we can hug again. Someday.

We have learned that truly, the meaning of Christmas is about the people who surround us.

Not the presents, but their PRESENCE.

Merry Happy Everything.

(Happy first birthday, Zoe, happy birthday, Carla!)

December 23, 2020 Christmas Photo A Day!

Christmas is about memories, about family, friends, about traditions, be they big or small, silly or deeply emotional. This mirror hangs on my wall in the living room. I walked by today, and this is the reflection I saw. The mirror was a gift from my dear cousin Vivienne. There’s a photo of my grandma Elaine, holding my infant aunt Gael (currently 80 years of age). A small collection of Santa’s I’ve collected over the years gather under a stained glass lamp from a dear friend on the occasion of our wedding …and of course, a tree full of memories.

December 22, 2020 Christmas Photo A Day!