And now, for something COMPLETELY different…

…a short story about a car, or three.
Taking a break from editing my Florida vacation photos (* you can see them if you go to the post below, and look for the word PHOTO)….

While on vacation, the three car switcheroo began. My stepson Josh’s car died …this was a distressing moment for my husband, as it had once been HIS car (and was involved in another three-car switcheroo years back, but I digress)….

Timmy momentarily, in a fit of insanity brought on by grief, suggested maybe selling his current car, the Grand Prix to Josh.

I however, knew this to be a bad idea. Timmy LOVES his car, as can be seen by the attention he lavishes on it. And Josh, no offense, wasn’t the best steward of the last car Timmy loved.

I, on the other hand, view a car as an appliance. It runs, gets me where I am going reliably (and has a good sound system) and I am good.

So we sold Josh my Montana. This opened up the opportunity for Timmy to go car shopping (one of his most favorite-ist things in the whole universe!!!)

He has had a little crush on the Pontiac Aztek for YEARS, despite the fact many think the car is ugly. And, as I don’t really CARE, that is what he located and chose for me to drive. Here, to the right, are some photos of it, now that it’s been all detailed…clean and shiny.

Part three of the switcheroo, where-in he trades his PT CRUISER convertible (his other part time mistress, who has done him wrong, apparently) needs to wait, as the value of the car versus the value of the car he’d like to replace it with (a Sebring convertible or a Bonneville, in case you care) don’t line up….

In other news, you’ll possibly note I have relegated the snow pictures to Flickr and now have some bright and shiny flowers up. Well, maybe not shiny, I’ve done some aging to them. These photos are available for sale, to you, my reader!!! Just go to my ETSY site, and ask me to sell them to you. I’d be more than happy to oblige!