The Process of Elimination….

…is a difficult matter….

I am asking for help in choosing which photos I print for the two show and sales coming up in MAY 2012, because I can’t print them all!

Linked here and on Facebook will be a number of photos. LIKE them, but PLEASE, LIKE only one of each group. I will use your thoughts and voting to help decide which to order next.

If you are leaving comments on the web page that the photos link to, please simply type LIKE in front of your choice, before making other comments (and comment on all, that’s fine)

Comments and critiques are welcome! Give me REASONS for choosing A over B….Remember, this is about people buying photos to hang on their walls. They will be selling for very affordable prices, (an 11×14 metallic is under $30!) but WHAT will sell, is the question!  What “I” am most fond of and would put in an art show doesn’t always correlate into other peoples, “I want that for my wall!”  (Go figure!)

I am even going to look into a way to make one of you a winner, and draw a name at the end, so you can choose your favorite print to own….but I have to investigate a randomizer (point me in the direction, if you have one!) –ONE ‘entry’ per person, no matter how often you comment, if I do do this–

(And as a shameless plug, you are able to purchase any of these images, or any others on the site, even if you can’t make it to the HEART OF VIRGINIA FESTIVAL or FORT CLIFTON show! Ordering is simple, and my lab is awesome!)

Visit and become a fan of my facebook page and begin voting!  Or, go to this page, and leave comments if you aren’t on Facebook. The photos on this page aren’t broken into smaller albums, though, so try to choose only one of every ten or so to be your LIKES… I know, I am making it hard…. but it’s all in fun, and just to hear what people think.


April 1st is no fool…

April 1st is no fool.

Today, most of this country would agree spring is here to stay. The flowers are about three weeks ahead of schedule down this way. We have officially finished the first quarter of the year!

It is a day where one must be careful of what gossip you are quick to spread because the pranksters are out in full force—I already see that a favorite quilt site is ‘no longer selling fabric’ and Lowe’s has figured out to permeate the house with the smell of bacon, without actually cooking….

But I digress.  For me, it is an easy 1/4 way point to check in on how things are progressing with my WORD of the year, “MOTION” and all those pesky resolution-type things.

MOTION –Yesterday, Arlie and I participated in the Monument Ave. 10K… We walked with a few spurts of running. Our times were 1:39:55 and 1:40:11 respectively. Timmy was supposed to join but he had to work Sad smile



I woke up today with no real pain—a bit of stiffness—other than blisters on the second toe of each foot, and sore toenails. Yes, I said toenails. Definitely proud of our accomplishment and I look forward to doing it again!

I have finished the first two items on the CEO Challenge at my not so-LQS, Quilting Adventures

2×4– need to take a shot of this totally quilted but no one else is awake to hold it…


Spinning Plates


(I would say the next one is easy, it requires so little…but…. there IS a reason it ended up on the UFO pile, right?)

The idea to be creative every day has actually not been terribly hard, if you allow for lack of photographic proof on a daily basis, and have a VERY elastic understanding of CREATIVE!

These are some of the more obvious creative days I’ve had this month.

Layla at the Park

2012-03-07 LAYLA-40

Layla in disbelief at the story this Easter bunny is telling her.




More Maymont Images

Appomattox River


More Flower images

I entered this photo—

The Decisive Moment


in March’s Photo Show at PRAC, in Petersburg, VA.  I won Honorable Mention!  See more New York City photography.

Ok, so there. I did accomplish something.

However, Yesterdays don’t count anymore and all that. Today is the first day of the rest of your life, etc etc.

I didn’t make much progress on the cleaning/decluttering/organization stuff. BOORRRRRRIING….

I am focused this next few months on Photography.  I have three events coming up. Two show and sales–

The Heart of Virginia on May 5th, and the Fort Clifton Festival on the following weekend, the 12 and13 of May. (Can’t find a better link…this is an issue….)

Then, in June, I am having a photo exhibit down at PRAC and still have to settle on what I’m showing!!

(can’t you see the cleaning/organizing/decluttering being pushed away, AGAIN!!??)

September 9, 2011

2011-9-50September 9, 2011. Appomattox River Park