2022– Have at it.

Ok, maybe not THE most positive and uplifting way to welcome a new year, but we’ve been burned lately😬 We made it to the other end, once again! A December full of Christmas photos! I hope your holiday was fun, merry, joyful and safe! I wish for your 2022 to be fabulous! I hope all the things you want and all the things you wish for are within your grasp!

ABUNDANCE is my word of the year….and not in a “CASH MONEY” or some religious reward kind of way, which is what the majority of Googling the word came up with. The word appeared three days ago as I was vacuuming. It always just jumps into my consciousness. (And wont be budged or put aside for some bigger, better word, thank you very much).

As I sat with it, I think it is more an understanding and a peace with what IS. I have the ❤️love❤️ of my husband, the love of my children and granddaughter. I have health, I have a job. I have excess. There is a car to spare when one is in the shop. I have enough blankets to stay warm if the power goes out. I have plates and mugs and forks enough to avoid doing the dishes today if I choose (I don’t have and never have had a dishwasher–you can’t miss what never was) I do have a washer and dryer within steps of my bedroom, so I can do laundry at my convenience, not that of the laundromat. I have the warmth of two cats on my lap. I have the love and companionship of my friends and family.

I am not feeling this word as a call to minimalism, (see above desire to avoid dish washing) or to spend my year only shopping thrift stores, making do or doing without, although there is a certain quality of satisfaction with what IS in the word ABUNDANCE. (I will of COURSE want that new, GORGEOUS purple polka dot fabric for my stash!!)

—some of my previous words of the year, collected in last year’s blog—

I wish for you good health in the coming year— get your jabs, believe in science, wash your hands, wear your mask, and BE KIND.

2000 and 2021
My nose is always in a book… (oh, the smell of a new book!!!)

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(and yeah, I hit send too soon, an hour or so ago.)

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