The NEXT four Sundays, the blog is Silent Sunday. Just an image, YOU add the meaning. Today, not so much! 😉 ONE more week before CPAD (Christmas Photo a Day) starts to come to you before work (days off, too) each morning! That’s the good news.

The bad??? Well, you are so NOT early with your shopping! It’s a tiny little Christmas shopping season this year.

An idea— shop online– FOR ART. Photographs that suit the style and personality of those you love. ART is special. It says “I saw THIS and thought of YOU!”…. still time to get it shipped AND standard sizes mean there is still time to frame it. THE VIEW FROM THE PASSENGER WINDOW

Flying Solo
(find in “Traveling”)

(at the end of the day, this CPAD is a labor of love, but I do want you to OWN and ENJOY my art!)

If not online, FIND A LOCAL GALLERY!! (no link… seriously, just GOOGLE Local art gallery for YOUR local artists!

You will not find UNIQUE in a mall.

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