It is fully 2016. People have stopped saying, “Happy New Years” when they greet you; only the closest of those who you don’t see often are still asking how your holidays were.

Instead, we are looking at the last two weeks and wondering, HOW did I think I could make a resolution to do (or not do) THAT EVERY day for a YEAR???

So, how are those resolutions going?   Two weeks in, I freely admit to having made no resolutions–(you can check my previous posts to see if there is anything ironclad!) But, those things that I decided I would attempt—


Pushing myself.

Drink more water! I received this Tervis water bottle for Christmas. In the morning, I fill it up, and put two hair bands on it. As I refill during the day, I take off a band. The goal being more water, and it is working. Especially at work. I haven’t been perfect at it, but much more water, and less sweet tea.




Fresh start

An apple a day! I recall reading once how establishing new behaviors takes time and repetition. And that something like going on a diet, giving up all “XYZ”(which I never do) is harder than committing to do something like “eating an apple every day at 3pm.” The apple being the healthy alternative to that bag of chips you would have on your work break. Now, I don’t GET a work break at 3 every day. But I have been fitting in an apple almost every day somewhere. And, surprisingly, since the first of the year, I’ve had only two bowls of ice cream, because I will think about my apple-less day so far, and realize I don’t want to eat both and apple AND ice cream.  (I am NOT giving up ice cream, just for the record. Not even for Lent. Just want to clear that up.)

I have continued the #CY365 challenge in my own way; using prompts sometimes but just shooting other times.  Here are the rest of the photos I have taken for my first 16 days.

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