Photos of the day CY365 October-ish 2015

I know, I know —by the time I get back to a timely posting of my week of photos, it will be time for my Christmas Photo a Day!  But, better late than never! Here are the last two weeks selections.

12067089_10208370887893752_2026268711_n12076972_10208394228517253_651100193_n12092731_10208366236377467_1631846368_n12077037_10208369160970580_1071944027_n12068039_10208381204311656_899350638_n12084236_10208370886493717_696548926_n12067188_10208386103554134_931619212_n2015-09-FL (6 of 32)

12166976_10208406505944181_968298_n11998146_10208323151620375_1244139506_n12092183_10208339809476811_696825053_n2015-09-FL (620 of 696)



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