Photos of the Week, CY365 w/e 3/7/15

BACK from vacation, and I actually DID take a photo on each of my non-vacation days…but they were pretty sad. So, instead, a weeks worth of traveling photos.

1. My Heritage
2. Vignettes
3. Where I Stand
4. Your 365
5. Legacy

6. Loved
7. An Heirloom

11020386_10206655080519640_855541210_n1. My Heritage—My grandmother bought this turquoise ring in California in 1927. She gave it to my aunt Sis and she gave it to me, against Grandma’s wishes because she thought I was too young at 12 to not lose it… I will be 50 on Tuesday… And have only lost it once! Daddy gave me the foot ring when I was about 20… I see it and always think of the poem FootPrints ….he is always with me….
11051631_10206666874574484_1073295768_n3. Where I Stand— In the Hershey Store at NYNY in Vegas with my middle baby brudder… ( ok so my DH took this, but how many more vacay photos do you want to see?)
11039353_10206668600457630_127991924_n4. Your 365—My 365 is about LOOKING with eyes that see… and recording MY year…. so. I am totally against the popular selfie photo that is taken in a public restroom… it just creeps me out…. I mean, yeah, you look GOOD! tonight, and so, to record for posterity, we can see some dirty bathroom stall behind you…. but I could not RESIST this … the mirror is hung on the ceiling! (actually at a 45 degree angle…)
11040066_10206683436068511_2005487857_n5. Legacy  -the Memories we make! My 50th birthday, on the “Grand Canal” of Venice, Las Vegas style!
11045819_10206675135661006_1094188547_o I believe there had been some “shoot from the hip” type of prompt in the expanded emails… This feels like there must be a great saying attached, along the lines of geriatric bikers…. Cool dude wouldn’t take off his shades to read his phone, so he stuck his reading glasses OVER them!

11046105_10206675137181044_1928892650_o Read it out loud. Cat owners DEFINITELY run this place.

11045627_10206652906385288_2062308350_o Actually a screen shot of the sunset we saw one night in AZ….

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