Photos of the Week, CY365 Week ending 6/14/14

This is CY365!   My photography website.    Follow me on Facebook.    On Twitter, I am@rteest42

A little wiggling to make photos fit the prompts this week.  Crossed out prompts are those I feel I captured…. I LOVE COMMENTS!

8. Get away
9. A Favorite Place
10. Staycation
11. By the Water
12. In the Grass
13. Dangerous
14. Pick It Up

10455511_10204559676535850_576950381_n9. A Favorite Place (inside a child’s imagination.) Laylabug drew this image, and I asked her what it was.  She said, “This is a door. A big door with an knock knocker on it. That’s Auntie Arlie on the bed with a pillow and a blanket.”
10439610_10204526114016808_1302842827_n10. Staycation—AKA, MOBY release day! A new book by a favorite author, (Diana Gabaldon) a comfy chair, some milk and cookies…. Not QUITE “who needs a beach” but….

10447201_10204512464395576_677531282_n (1)12. In the Grass
10443908_10204547481430980_724024533_n13. Dangerous
10472205_10204547481230975_880256143_n14. Pick It Up…Tatiana has taken to sleeping on the top shelf of the computer closet..but she apparently decided it was too crowded up there and so…photo tati



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