December 5, 2013 Christmas Photo A Day

Last night was the last night of Hanukkah—I saw these children’s cards in the synagogue today! I hope your holiday celebrations were wonderful!

Happy Hanukkah

City Sidewalks, or small towns on dark and chilly nights…all dressed in their holiday best…. Did you go as a child ‘downtown’? to see the lights? As childhood memories usually go, I have this mash-up memory of a subway train ride, packed like sardines, on our way to see Santa at Macy’s Herald Square that always comes back when on the train and a train in the other direction speeds by—disjointed, rushing people and lights and the sound of the brakes on the rail.

2013-12-Dec 1 (49 of 58)20130111-DSCF1719

2013-12-Dec 1 (52 of 58)The windows in the Globe make me laugh. This little doll is getting an earful from the fashion model mannequin. Wonder what conversation is being had?

Happy birthday to my cousin Thom and my son-in-law Matthew!

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