CY 365–the past week.

13. Tradition
14. Around The Corner

15. Creepy
16. Forgotten
17. A Unique Angle
18. Patient
19. Golden

Another week closer to the end of the year! And I managed to find most images to fit the themes. (Recall I was making this a no stress challenge this year. I am not sweating it; I either do or don’t hit the prompts—which I read over at the beginning of week so my subconscious has some clue)

20131019-untitled-10713. Tradition—Central VA Highland Games today!
IMG_523314. Around The Corner—Christmas, that is. And my bazaar creations.

IMG_520417. A Unique Angle- From below in in my face!
IMG_522018. Patient—Somebody took a trip to the ER this week (it’s all good!)
20131019-untitled-6519. Golden—Whisky

20131014-untitled-4Poor little sick Laylabug and her sidekick NoNo Neko, napping….

IMG_5203And just being friends.

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