#CY365 Yup, I missed a week.

29. Puppy Dog Eyes
30. The End

1. Hats Off
2. Seasonal Colors
3. My Everyday
4. Stormy
5. Two Become One

6. Harvest
7. Repetition

8. Mirror Image
9. Practicing
10. Spider Webs
11. Pulling
12. Close

I forgot to post, not to take photos! Since I had 14 days to post today I got a little creative with connecting prompts.

IMG_505729. Puppy Dog Eyes (Have no puppies about, kitty cat eyes will have to do)
IMG_507130. The End of the 70’s….

IMG_49791. Hats Off
2. Seasonal Colors
IMG_50423. My Everyday
20131012-untitled-1374. Stormy
20131012-untitled-1965. Two Become One

This is a link to the rest of the Folk Festival photos! Enjoy! 
untitled-156. Harvest
IMG_51317. Repetition
8. Mirror Image
IMG_51339. Practicing
IMG_513210. Spider Webs
IMG_498411. Pulling
IMG_497312. Close



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