CY365, week ending 8-10-13

4. Lego Point of View
5. Delicate
6. Personable
7. Abstract
8. Camera Love
9. Dress To Impress
10. Natural

There are the prompts. How did I do?

20130804-20130804-IMG_46364. Lego Point of View. Well, ok, I admit I don’t HAVE Lego people in the house to pose. But I DO have Waldo!  He stayed up all night reading Outlander.

20130805-20130805-IMG_46826. Personable

20130808-20130808-IMG_47057. Abstract

5. Delicate
8. Camera Love
IMG_44649. Dress To Impress—Stretching it here. I am Dressing up the quilt I am making with embellishments!

20130808-20130808-IMG_469610. NaturalIMG_4478While a few of the above could have almost fit more than one prompt (depending on the kind of imagination you have) these last two don’t truly fit a prompt. One of the above prompts was also meant to be a self-portrait.  However, I had another image in mind. Last month while doing my self-portrait, I came across this ‘hall of mirrors’ type image and so I played around with it again this week!IMG_4454This is a continuation from last weeks silhouette prompt. We brought these two chairs home. My intention was to refinish and put at our dining table. However, Tatiana moved in on them and pretty much refused to budge, so for the moment I had left them where they were.  On Monday, Laylabug helped me feed Tati. She got the can out, put the bowl where it belongs. And waited. After about 10 minutes, Tati still hadn’t budged from her chairs, so suddenly Laylabug picked up the bowl and carried it to the chairs for Tati to eat. Smile She shows her generosity, empathy, sweetness!.

(PS. I DID clean the chairs yesterday so I could paint them. Tatiana sat on the dining room table, staring at the one pushed under the table, then moved to the arm of the easy chair to stare at the other. I have no idea if she has gotten back onto the chairs. Cats are unique.)

Take a few minutes, please, and look at my newly redesigned photo galleries! Tell me what you think!

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