CY365 Week of Aug 3

I KNOW most of the images this week don’t match. How do I know? Well, you see, I almost feel like I didn’t take any photos this week, let along have them match themes!

IMG_441328. A Boy—–Only ‘boy’ in this house is 6’3”, but this print was just staring at me at work, and well, it’s totally About a Boy!
The coast is clear29. Ride the elliptical wave!
20130730-20130730-IMG_456430. Intent  ——–The pitcher is intent on not letting the runner steal a base. (Richmond Flying Squirrels, Aug 1; Ryan Vogelsong  is a pitcher for the Giants who is rehabbing here)
20130801-20130801-DSCN067231. Inspiration—Almost anything inspires me, including rain on a car window, with clouds and sun ….

IMG_44251. Try Something  ——Just playing with my iPhone!
20130728-20130728-IMG_44792. Written On (ok, typed. Sue me.)
20130804-20130804-IMG_4638she IS black,) Tatiana has barely moved from these two “new to us” chairs since we brought them home. I almost hate to take them, clean them and paint them, she has been so happy in her little prison.

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