CY365 Photo a Day, this week…

IMG_3656(28. On The Floor) Remains of the Day. This is Tatiana. She is a hunter, and she is lethal. These are her stuffies. They suffer repeated death, and are carried back to her lair—-The bodies of her enemy lay strewn about her.
2013-04 Apr-4(29. The Price) …of Rain. April showers bring May flowers.
IMG_3700(30. Harsh Light) Night Light.

IMG_3726(1. #eyelove) Four Eyes and One Nook.
My glasses became a part of ME in 3rd grade. I have no desire for contacts …(indeed a skeevy,squirmy feeling occurs in my stomach at the thought…)2013-05-02-11(2. Those Eyes) Eye on the Prize. Momma Robin built her nest on the outdoor lights near the backdoor…
IMG_3743-001(3. Orange) Carrots or construction cones.
untitled-2-24. A Wide Angle –Choral Group at the Black Swan…


2013-04-27-104BONUS.  BIG BROTHER— A friend who is always there.  (for a totally different photo challenge!)

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