Another week in photos…

IMG_3624Photo a day-MOBILE. Using a cell phone. Yesterday they were replacing the AC units on the roof at work(!!!!!!!!waiting 11 years!!!!!!!) They brought down this piece of metal and stuck to the side was this remnant of a paintbrush…the handle was missing. If I hadn’t had the phone in my apron….

IMG_9103Photo a Day—SPOTLIGHT. Last night, I took the most fantastic photo. I had my phone and was on… of a snowy mountain or standing in the surf at dusk… But I saw suddenly a break on the cloud cover as a plane popped thru with a searchlight. I saw it and was awed and as it climbed altitude I remembered I needed this shot. The plane broke thru again and while it was still high enough that the lights beam marked the clouds I snapped a photo… And then the plane returned to whatever search or rescue it was up to…. I was relieved to know I had remembered this photo had to be taken!!! And I woke up this morning, so glad to have taken the shot for yesterdays prompt, then realized it was all a dream!!! So, I searched thru my library; here is something I really took once upon a time….

untitled-2Photo a Day–MAIL.  “things to do’

2013-04 April-44Photo a Day—BOW.  (self-evident??)  Laylabug getting down with the Baby Beluga Boogie…

2013-04 April-52Photo a Day—BLOOMING… Ah, Wisteria…

2013-04-27-136Photo a Day—FENCE2013-04-27-147Photo a Day—FRESH

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