Five months in…

…or, how I have been spending my artistic time. As you may recall, on January 1 of this year, I started a series of photographs. My plan is to spend the entire year going back to this one small area of the Appomattox River and recording the changes.I had never been to this park area before. I went that day looking for a specific shot, and got the idea.

It is not a ‘nice’ park. It isn’t groomed, it’s gone wild. It’s not in the best of neighborhoods, (but it is right there at the edge of Old Towne in Petersburg, my favorite shooting location) it’s right down the street from a college campus, it doesn’t have a ball field or swing sets, but does have lots of young adults who use the trail as a shortcut, use the rocks as their party central on the weekends and as a swimming hole/fishing area the rest of the time. As well as lots of neighborly types who walk their dogs, and older men who while the day away fishing.  I go to the Patton Park side on my own, but the Trail side I only go to with my husband as is it desolate. (It turns out I got to this just in time. The Patton side was formally dedicated as a park just a few weeks back. Until that time, you can see how it went from VERY wild to much more groomed…I am glad I happened upon it in it’s more ‘natural’ state)

I decided to split the location, a walk of no more than 10 minutes in either direction from the parking lot. Currently the galleries are strictly chronological, but I do intend to go in there at some point and move like photos together, to really see the changes.

Each of these links have LOTS of photos. Like, HUNDREDS. Smile Just click on either link, below.

The photos start in Patton Park, on January 1, and go thru this week.

I started going over to the Trail side a few weeks later.

I am very excited to see the amazing changes, and can not wait to see the blazing autumn here! And maybe even snow, as all the snow we had this winter was before January 1.

If you enjoy, I would love to hear from you—leave a comment under the photos that you especially enjoy. Give a few photos a Thumbs up! and / or LIKE some of the images. If you want to follow, subscribe to my blog, or  LIKE my Facebook page.

I hope at the beginning of next year, to be able to whittle these photos down to a representative collection and have a photo show….
Thanks for looking!

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