1.30.2011 —A Year on the Appomattox. Month ONE.

2011 Jan 30-69


Today I went back to the river, this time, exploring a different path, one that I hadn’t looked at before because I had been going alone, and I was unsure of how secluded and safe the area would be.

I know I need to keep my head about me, and I can get lost in the shooting of images; wandering along a city street crowded with other people is one thing—but off in the woods, with white waters crashing and not knowing where I am or if it was was a good idea is totally another.

Timmy was free and I got off work before the sun set, so we took a walk. (The river bank seems safe, but is very secluded, and while I saw a number of people out there, I may not wander alone too often.  I love Old Towne Petersburg, but am not under any illusions to the lower element that can be anywhere. It’s just the way it is, safety first.)

The more I explore the more I want to explore!!!

I figured I should add a few links about the river and the area surrounding where I am shooting this year.

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