A Year on the Appomattox

This idea came to me yesterday as I was wandering around Old Towne Petersburg, looking in vain for a broken beer bottle to photograph. A challenge on a photo site was for GLASS, I had a good idea– and, well, it didn’t happen because of all the wonderfully exciting changes in Old Towne. However, these positive changes are taking away all my tried and true, go-to locations for old, broken, cracked, peeling architecture. A good thing for the community! But for my eye?

I ended up at the park near the river, because the inhabitants of Petersburg seem to have been very good about tossing their trash in the proper location. I started shooting some images of the river—a dull, cloudy day, with the smallest hints of snow left over, and very little else going on.

For the next year, I am going to return to this location (weekly?) and really explore it. I won’t make any hard and fast rules, other than these shots will be from the banks of the Appomattox, (or within shouting distance) and I will probably limit myself to within an easy walking distance of the parking lot in either direction. This map, below, shows about where I will visit.

What do I expect to shoot? We will have to find out over the course of the next 52 weeks.

2011-Jan 1-59

1.1.11 Walking on broken Glass.

2011-Jan 1-48

Maybe a photo a day challenge, tossed in on top? We will see!

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