December is Here…

And so begins my second annual Photo-A-Day till Christmas!

I don’t need to tell you any longer all about making handmade gifts, giving from the heart, not spending yourself broke…. you’ve either heard and heeded or you are shopping like a mad fool…

Between now and then, (23 more shopping days, according to the little ticker) I am simply going to try to place in your world a simple reminder of what ELSE Christmas is about, other than the acquisition and disbursement of huge chunks of STUFF….

So, sometime around now, every day, a photo, and maybe even a quote….

Last year I received so many viewer’s memories as I shared photos….I would love to hear your stories again this year!

dec 1 4x6

Remember, if Christmas isn’t found in your heart, you won’t find it under a tree.”
~ Charlotte Carpenter.

(you can see last years images here…. )

One thought on “December is Here…

  1. I loved all of your pictures last year and I’m excited to see all of your new work! I’ve never been to a Christmas Tree Farm but I remember my parents bringing home a Christmas Tree every year. It was always so exciting and we would all decorate it together. It was one of the rare times that we were all together and spending time as a family. After we decorated the tree we would all play cards at the kitchen table. Thanks for reminding me of these great memories.


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