“But I paid good money for that!!”…

Or, “My aunt So and So (God rest her soul) gave this to me at my first wedding…”

Or, “This color may come back into style, this lipstick matched that sweater so perfectly…” (Did you already Fling the sweater??)

Or, “Of course I will host a sit down dinner for 28. One Day. And I will NEED this. How can I possibly get rid of this?”

Flinging, de-cluttering, purging, downsizing. Call it what you like, but what it is mostly about is learning to accept the life you ARE living, as opposed to the one you dream to live.

(Which is not not the same as a life you strive toward.)

Loving something is different than simply acquiring it because you believe you SHOULD have it….

If it means something to you, you keep it. It makes you happy. Happiness IS it’s meaning. But understand happy, too. If it doesn’t make you happy, you need to let it go.

How is your Fling count?? As I expected, working the past four days, I only put in a minimal time. But my number is up to 155 for the year.

(Remember, when flinging, that the purple lid that doesn’t fit anything gets flung into the trash, and counts toward your 27! You are de-cluttering, not sacrificing things that you use, and need and like. You are flinging the detritus of your life, the things that make your world chaotic.)


If anyone is playing along and wants to share their experience, by all means, join in!!!



Remembering my word for the year, I am trying to not obsess over the Flinging to the exclusion of all else. That is how burn out will happen. So…

On the quilting front, I have restarted a quilt that sat as a U(n)F(inished)O(bject) for years and years, because I just couldn’t find the inspiration to do anything to it.

Here is the quilt, before:crazy before

And after I had an epiphany, here is how it is going…half done, but well on it’s way to being something I love! (That’s Rory, my Quilt Safety Inspector, checking to see if this quilt may be slippery on a hardwood floor.)

rory checking

I have one other UFO that I am hand quilting while watching TV. I want to start only ONE quilt in the meantime!

27-thing Fling…Toiletries and makeup…

I am back to work this afternoon. Dreading it. Ugh. Stay-cations have a lot going for them! I accomplished a lot, fling and quilt-wise, spent time with my hunny and haven’t felt pressured!

In any event, here is category three, which will probably carry me through the weekend, as I work until Sunday.

My toiletries and makeup reside in three locations. The vanity and drawers of both bathrooms and the travel kit I have. If you carry makeup in your purse, don’t forget to fling from there, too.

Fling anything that is in it’s ‘old style’ packaging, and anything that you used at your wedding (unless you just got back from your honeymoon). ‘They’ say anything older than 6 months… (does it pass the smell test?) Have you even USED it lately?? In the past year?

Is it a color that makes you look ill but it cost a lot, or its a good brand? If it makes you look ill, you aren’t going to use it. Ever. Fling it!

A perfume that is too overpowering for you, makes you sneeze? Fling it (or Goodwill/give to someone who will like it…. probably the only item in this category you won’t simply fling into the trash can.)

Tubes and bottles that have only a squidge left, make a shopping list and fling them. Fling your toothbrushes too, and you will be good for a few more months. Don’t forget nail polish.

If you keep cleaning supplies under your sinks they count, too. And the medicine cabinet, wherever that may be. Everything that has expired, fling it. Left over prescription antibiotics, fling!

Once done, can all of the keepers fit comfortably where you would LIKE them to be stored? (basket, drawer, etc.) If not, can you do a second round of flinging to make it work?

(Oh, by the way—Do all of this before you hit the tail end of the Big Sale at Bath and Body Works. It will save you money when you realize you already have 6 bottles of shower gel in reserve!)