Some Photos….

This blog is something that I have wanted to do for a while. I even set it up to be part of my new year resolution, but here we are. Let’s call it my spring 2010 resolution—how’s that?

So, my first post of photos. Not “earth-shattering, I have to own it photos”. Not today. But still.

I went to a quilt show recently, and while there had in the back of my head a photo challenge on at a group of which I am a member.

I was keeping my eyes open for the theme of ‘Together or Apart.’

I had planned on people not interacting, sitting in chairs, strangers to each other but close together.

But when I arrived, I started noticing how close we would get to the quilts, to really explore them.

I photograph a lot of quilts, because I like to have them at home, to drool over and be inspired by.

And quilters, well we are generally a polite group of people. Aim your camera (Point and shoot, DSLR or phone) at a quilt and everyone scurries out of your way…  ‘Oh, so sorry!’…they don’t want to ruin a quilt photo with their silhouette.

I realized that I LIKED the interaction, and sometimes, when someone was alone with a quilt, I would turn off my flash and try to take one or two shots before they realized they ‘were in my way’.

I noticed something odd when I got home. Where the quilt viewers attracted to quilts they dressed like, or was I attracted to color/style selections subliminally?799043359_2010-feb maqs-19 20x201
799034404_2010-feb maqs-81 16x201
799042319_2010-feb maqs-88 20x2012010-FEB MAQS-46 10201
799042701_2010-feb maqs-31In these two images, the woman with flowing white hair and a brighter colored jacket gravitated toward the white quilt, and the woman in sensible black– while her clothing isn’t colorful, her pocketbook is exactly the same faded, soft color of the quilt….

2010-FEB MAQS-84-2

I cheated a bit, because this lady was absorbed in the quilt in front of her, not the one next to her. But still, she suits the quilt!


This is the image I ultimately submitted, (in black and white, of COURSE!!) Made it to the finalists.

(I have attempted to identify all quilts and quilt makers. If you are the creator of the quilt and prefer it not to be shown here, please contact me.)