romantic gifts…(or, the start of the Pre-Christmas countdown….)

A vacuum cleaner is not a romantic anniversary gift; a blender is not a good Valentine’s Day present.

A washing machine should not be thought of as the most fantastic birthday present ever.

In fact, if something is designed to make a CHORE easier, by definition it is not gift material.

Any of the above are tools for tasks. They indicate the giver believes that the recipient has a responsibility. They say, ‘this’ is what I think of you. I think of you as my housekeeper. My maid.

(I will let an iron slide by as a good gift, but only because I am a quilter)

Now, some disagree with me. Take this guy I knew who was OVER THE MOON because his partner bought him a Dyson for Christmas. (I personally thought he was nuts…adorable and all, but nuts)

However, he says he hinted for over a month that he wanted one, and his partner was a quick study, so Santa left his vacuum under the Christmas tree and it was good. (His partner hinted for an X-box, and Santa similarly obliged.)

Personally, I would be leaving hints for something a bit more, oh, I don’t know, ‘gift-like’…. like cameras and gift cards to quilt shops and books, and music and…. well, even jewelry. But I’m not a big jewelry person. Software, now that is a good gift….and travel…. and definitely NOT a vacuum!

MY Santa knows he would NEVER want, oh, say a lawnmower for a Christmas slash birthday gift, as he HATES cutting the grass. It’s a chore.

However, if you are simply celebrating the fact it’s Friday, or the start of a three day LABOR DAY weekend, and feel the need to gift me with a vacuum, I’m not gonna argue. So, if Labor Day is now a gift-giving occasion, I’d agree a vacuum is an apppropriate gift… (I’m not gonna stay up late to try it out either, but…)

Thanks, Hunny.