Irish need not apply (Yes, a political blog post)


Ok, first things first. If you agree with this, let’s just cut to the chase and say there is probably nothing of substance we agree on, and let’s not pretend to be friends any longer. Additionally, I think it might be a fine place for you to emigrate to, two thirds of the population is apparently Christian of the sort that feel The Bible should be the book used for governing the country, you’ll fit right in.  (Of course, you may need to give up some of the freedoms you have as an American, but hey, you gotta walk the walk, right?)

Ok, now my post.

Part of a Facebook post, a response to a friend of a friend of a friend on the topic of whether the ‘mosque’ should be built in NYC is the ultimate beginning of this blog post. I am not looking to call anyone out, so we will leave it at this–I don’t know the person who stated it, or the person to whom it was in response.

There is a certain level of irony however, in it and in the way she reaches  A+B=C

In a largish nutshell, the person stated these ideas—First, she is against the ‘mosque’ because a Muslim was responsible for 9/11, and we shouldn’t be giving immigrants better treatment than the victims. (The fact there are native born US citizens who are Muslim, and that not all victims of 9/11 were US citizens is of no interest here, because it would ruin her rant, so we shall forget these points, ok?) -(-and the fact it isn’t a ‘mosque’ but a community center, and that it isn’t AT ground zero but less than a mile away–and considering the island of Manhattan isn’t a mile wide, it’s not really a valid concern, EVERYTHING is closer than a mile, including the strip clubs, and other ‘unsavory’ things—)

She is European. She lives in New Zealand, (don’t know if she was born there or immigrated). She is sad to see her country, that used to be full of Maori and Kiwi, become ‘taken over’ by Asians and other nationalities– It takes away the whole flavour of the country when it becomes a veritable melting pot! If i went to Spain, I want to see Spanairds, and THEIR history… I dont go to Spain to see Italians. All these different countries are losing something of their own unique culture by allowing other cultures to literally take over.

My geographic history may not be perfect, but my understanding of the world is:

  • Maori are of Polynesian descent, and Polynesians are of Asian background, yet, she, the European, who is most definitely the usurper here– (I don’t know how many generations pass before you stop calling  yourself  European and call yourself a New Zealander)– has issues with the melting pot aspect of her country.
  • She says the whole flavor of a country is lost when too many nationalities live together, and that she doesn’t travel to Spain to see Italians, but to see Spaniards. Let’s get this straight. You go to the ZOO to see lions and tigers and bears. Italians and Spaniards aren’t animals in a cage, and one can’t identify with certainty an Italian from a Spaniard from a Norwegian from an Englishman from an Egyptian from an Israeli until they open their mouth and speak (and then only if they choose to speak their ‘mother’ tongue.)

People should not be traveling to other countries to view some mise-en-scene that the ‘locals’ are required to live by to satisfy the whims of some ethnocentric, Eurocentric tourists. They live in the country they live in because it is where they make a living, raise their children, were born or chose to move to, not to become some extras on a set of a movie that depicts authentic ‘insert nationality here’ cuisine/life/culture/value.  Travel to see the world, to witness the diversity and to admire the sameness, to marvel over the astonishing architecture or natural features of the globe, but keep zoo watching to the zoo.

  • If we are going to stand for freedom, we have to do it for all our citizens, even the ones we might not agree with. The First Amendment clearly says so.  Matthew 5; 43-48 says so as well.

Even the lapsed Catholic liberal democrat sane part of me can see value in this statement and verse, which was part of the response someone else gave to this lady.

Other points she could ponder (and we thank her for worrying so much about the ethnic makeup of a country other than hers) is that the continent of North America was wrested from the indigenous people by white Christian Europeans, who came this close to totally annihilating an entire race, in the name of their God, and their ‘superior’ intelligence and civilization.

And then, they declared this country free…

  • Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

When they came for the Jews, I did nothing, for I am not a Jew. When they came for the Socialists, I did nothing, for I am not a Socialist. When they came for the labor leaders, the homosexuals, the gypsies, I did nothing, for I am none of these, and when they came for me, I was alone, there was no one to stand up for me.” — Martin Niemoller, a Lutheran pastor from Nazi Germany (This links to a very interesting study of this quote, which has a variety of incarnations. The idea, however, is universal.)

So, VOTE tomorrow. Just remember, you will have to live with the results.

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