Countdown to SPRING (cleaning)

Yes, I WANT spring.  Desperately.  I am ready! (I will have the most fantastic garden this year, I just KNOW it. And I will love it and weed it and name it George, and by mid May, be over it) BUT.

There is that other part of spring, I’m not a fan of, and that is spring cleaning.  (actually, it is a known fact that I am not a fan of house cleaning on the whole, but that is another story altogether.) I’m sure I can find something to do that is more exciting. Absolutely anything.

“A place for everything and everything in its place” SOUNDS nice, but the practical application leaves much to be desired, as I like having my things out and around and available.  I do love pretty containers, but more often than not, I buy them for the wrong reasons, and they don’t get used the way they should. And, truth be told, while I probably have too much stuff, this house has too little storage. There isn’t even a coat closet, broom closet or mud room area!

My thought this year is to break down the house into manageable chunks, and assign tasks and days, and hopefully be finished by March 21. Then I can spend the vernal equinox trying to balance an egg on its tip in celebration!

















If I start on the 4th (I am away on the 1st and 2nd, the 3rd is my birthday and not particularly how I planned on celebrating….) AND I am of course, working 40 hours a week… lets see, thinking out loud here, can’t do it on Mondays, that’s Laylabug day…

Kitchen 4, 5, 6

  • clean out all drawers and cabinets
  • wash curtains, windows, floor
  • clean fan, cabinet doors
  • Refrigerator,-emptied, cleaned
  • stove, microwave

Dining room 7, 8, 9

  • clean out all drawers and cabinets
  • wash curtains, windows, door, floor
  • clean fan, all art

Living room   11, 12

  • Vacuum under/behind furniture
  • Remove rug, put liner down.
  • Vacuum couch, cushions/chair
  • wash curtains, windows, door
  • clean fan, all art
  • China Cabinet
  • Get rid of winter clothes/clutter at door

Den  13, 14

  • Vacuum under/behind furniture
  • Vacuum couch, cushions/chair
  • wash curtains, windows, door
  • clean fan, all art
  • all bookcases and side tables

Bath one 15

  • Under vanity
  • basic deep clean
  • Do linen closet as well

Bath two 16

Under vanity

  • basic deep clean
  • utility area

Bedroom one 18, 19

  • Vacuum under/behind furniture
  • wash curtains, windows
  • clean fan, all art
  • side tables, headboard
  • closet
  • change out clothes
  • dresser

Studio 19, 20, 21  Notice that it is conveniently at the end.

  • Vacuum under/behind furniture
  • wash curtains, windows
  • clean fan, all art
  • closet
  • scrapbook side
  • desk
  • fabric side
  • cutting tablepickerimage2









  Anyone interested joining me? Keeping me honest?



Ooh, an easy one…. (or not)

14.  Jewelry box/hair do-dads

This could be simple, or it could be complex. Who knows. I don’t own lots of ‘good’ jewelry; almost everything in my jewelry chest is sentimentally meaningful; that and a couple a bucks can buy me a Starbucks.

So how do you fling this? If you can not ever foresee yourself wearing it again (Hello, Madonna? The 80’s are calling!) and you can’t convince one of your kids to wear it on Halloween, then it probably is ready for flinging. (Or taking apart and using in a craft project—IF you DO craft projects, and IF you take it apart and sort it and place it with your crafting materials, and IF you think you actually will use it!!!! Lots of IF’s for a very good reason.

The reason? You’ve kept it 20 years already, moved it from house to house, and not worn it. Can you be trusted to take it apart and use it for your craft??? Can you? No lying to yourself. Mismatched earrings—if you haven’t found its mate by now??? Make it into something else, or fling.


Can it be described as classic or trendy? Trendy doesn’t last, so it’s more likely fling-able. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t continue new trendy purchases in jewelry…the little trendy touches can update an outfit and yourself inexpensively, and give your spirit a boost. If the item isn’t classic, but it is SO YOU, keep it—if you wear it. If you always wear it ONLY with one blouse, maybe you should keep it with that blouse.

I have a friend who has a wonderful collection of handmade and one-of-a-kind jewelry that she has carefully collected over the years. When she dresses, she has coordinating earrings, necklaces, bracelets and even rings sometimes. I envy that pulled together look; there is probably nothing she can fling this go round.

If it is classic, but just not you anymore, consider giving it to your daughter, niece, cousin, sister, friend—someone who will appreciate it. If it has great monetary value and not much sentimental value, consider selling it.  (Don’t discount the idea of saving —my mother-in-law saved her late husband’s engagement ring—complete with the box it came in –and when my husband proposed, I got the ring (and the box!) )

Hair doo-dads: I am a victim to all sorts of hair accessories. I do not own any banana clips, thank you. But I do have a couple of other torture devices, and a collection of headbands, mismatched barrettes, ouch-less ponytail holders (which I collect on occasion from the floor of the house; they are favored toys for the cats).

I also have a box in the closet full of curlers of differing styles; not one of which has touched my hair in eons. That is a definite fling. And the variety of curling irons? Hairbrushes and combs?

Plenty out there for you to fling, people!

Now, the hard things: I started a bit of flinging in my studio the other day. This is gonna be one heck of a fling. I have some wooden Ikea boxes that hold my writing implements. Pens, markers, paint pens, highlighters, pencils galore.1DSCN0387

I gathered them all (well, actually I forgot my colored drawing pencils) and got a sheet of paper and scribbled. If it didn’t write WELL, I flung it. Turns out I own a LOT of highlighters. And Sharpies. And gel pens. Not nearly as many regular writing pens as I would have suspected (I have an unnatural attraction for new packages of pens at the store) but enough that I felt compelled to grab a handful and take them to work, since our pens are always walking away.

I am going to make it my goal to clear off the top of the cutting table (!!!!) and re-home or fling everything on it so that it may actually be used on occasion as a (!!!!!!) cutting table. That should occupy my free time this week.

(That and some gardening –hey, new season, new dreams–and actually getting the next quilt in my challenge started. This month the word is PASSAGES.)

If you don’t have a studio    😦 then maybe you are close to having a flung house!  Take a look around you, and make your own flinging lists. What have I missed? (Garage, kids rooms, attics, extra closets—my house is sorely lacking in closets)…. You can play along week by week actually FLINGING while you listen to the slow torture that is the complete flinging of a studio, starting NOW.