Hallmark Holidays…

The end of the Hallmark-induced Inferiority Complex season is finally approaching.   I admit to wandering the aisles of the card store–reading, chuckling and sometimes even sniffing at the sentiments penned by some anonymous wanna-be poet.

And often, I end up buying a card or three. There are times when you have to do what you have to do. Yes, I could (should) make them. I have all the proper card-making equipment. Yet, Hallmark does it best.

The other day I was looking at all of the Father’s Day cards, trying to find the one that would say to my father what needed saying, without being smaltzy, or outright lying. (*We have had our talk. It’s all good between us; things are the way they are– regrets offered, mistakes admitted, an odd truce drawn. We enjoy each other’s rare company.)  But tell that to the greeting card makers.

I had to put back the funny card that reminded dad about ‘all the times he could have run away from home (but didn’t)’ because he did. The faux-stern cards that quoted all-American dad-isms like  ‘As long as I put a roof over your head, you’ll follow my rules’ were returned to the rack. The ‘treating me like your princess’ card almost passed muster, until I read the inside.

As usual, when push came to shove, I chose humor. Not crazy or rude, but slightly wise-assed. But even then, the right amount of humor is difficult to locate, when most of the cards are designed for fathers who raised their kids.

The man who got that card from me died a long time ago. But it was always a difficult card to buy as well; all the ‘Grandpa’ cards were childish or overly sentimental. Guess it was a good thing I called him Daddy Gus, because I simply amended the title on the card.

When I was in elementary school, the teachers had you make a card for your MOTHER for Mother’s Day. They didn’t suggest a card for the special person who took care of you, who raised you, no matter what you called her. That didn’t make my childhood any easier, thanks. Buying a Mother’s Day card is still a more difficult task than the Father’s Day card. But, both have been dutifully mailed, as in years past.

The card that was easiest, (or hardest, when it came down to not choosing them ALL) was the card for my Aunt Gael for her 70th birthday.

Gael Casey Gael Casey Edit

It is Aunt Gael who is most like a parent to me. Her children allowed me to ‘borrow’  her (mostly without complaint and with a smile) throughout their childhood (and beyond).

Wish I could be there— HAVE A HAPPY ,HAPPY  BIRTHDAY!!!’Love you!

(I have a relatively non-embarrassing slide show of Gael, but I can’t get it to link…sigh)

Let’s move on to less inflammatory holidays, shall we?  Like the Fourth of July. This year it will be for us a grand celebration of my Mother-In-Law, who will be getting out of the Rehab center, where she has been recuperating from back surgery since April, on July 1 or 2. Fireworks, BBQ and not a greeting card in sight!

~~~To some of the other men whose ‘dad-ness’ that I admire—My husband, (who is going to be the most awesome of Grandpa’s some day) Richard F., Jim C., Joe G., David D., to name a few….A Happy Fathers Day to you as well…~~~~

Happy Birthday Dad! (a new years resolution story)

happy happy day…. =)

Joseph Kevin Caseyclick image for more photos

ok, on to my new years resolution…(yes there is a connection!) A bit late to the game you say? Well, come on. Should something of the magnitude of a year long promise be relegated to a night of party-ing, and one-up-manship when listing your resolutions? Of course not. (hey, I was in bed before the ball dropped,  but a ‘me-too-er’ I’m not)

Resolve away on that night and are you destined to failure? Timmy hopes so, so he can get back to getting INTO the gym and not having to wait in a line for equipment (I have tried to convince him hiking from the way back parking lot constitutes his warm-up)

My resolution may be late, but it’s arrived with some forethought.

–SCAN all the family photographs.–

  • once and for all, gather all the genealogical images that are in this house
  •  scan
  • Identify
  • touch-up
  • Burn CD’s
  • upload to Flickr
  • share with family

Simple, eh? Surely you jest. Have you any idea how many photos I have? I fear to say thousands, but in the high hundreds at least. I will then carefully box and put away the originals, and be able to call upon an image at the stroke of a few keys, instead of tossing the house upside down because I can “see” it in my head and “know” I own it.

This is the part where you come in! When you go off to view the photos I upload (and I am going to be doing this in small bits) –do you recognize anyone? Any place? Have I mis-identified someone? Does looking at the photos remind you of a story about a family member? Pass the information on to me please!

Next, do YOU have any family photos sitting around that you would like me to scan for you? (this means you —clarks, caseys, franks, bakers, greens –) If so, contact me about sending them my way and I will get them archived and back to you quickly.

So, WHY did this become my resolution? Well, sadly I recieved a call a week or so back informing me that Bill Casey III passed away. During a conversation with his lovely daughter Barbara, a discussion of the ‘Casey’ nose ensued. I was telling her I believed it to be a Carr trait and got ready to email her ‘proof’, but alas, I was lost by the lack of being able to lay my hands on the images easily. (when I get all the appropriate photos pulled together, we can re-visit this concept) 

And the Happy Birthday connection? Dad’s birthday just happened along as I came across a bunch of his photos to  scan. So I decided to be ‘cruel’ and post some images so you can see what a cutie he was, once upon a time! Click on the baby  to see lots more photos, and on the WORD “Dad’s” highlighted to go to his blog, and via that visit his virtual world and drop him some birthday wishes! 

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