So, I am poking around my blog, trying to find the date of something as I prepare for my Christmas Photo A Day blogs… and, to honest? I got CHILLS reading this…. I hope you will read, and share. And REMEMBER TO VOTE.

More Notes From the Refrigerator Door

The word Hooloovoo has been floating through my head these past few historic days. I am proud to be living in a BlueState again, surrounded by other blue states. By blue people. (Hooloovoo’s are of course a super-intelligent shade of the color blue, a species of creature in DouglasAdam’s Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.)

I’m not going to spout numbers, because I am not a statistician or a mathematician. I am an artist, a quilter, a photographer, an occasional writer and thinker. Therefore, I shall lay out only my thoughts and observations about the recent election. A topic that I consciously chose to avoid during the campaign. (Of course, my blog is so rarely and randomly updated that it would have been a pointless exercise.)

On the days (weeks, months, years) leading to Election Day, we were bombarded with chaos. Absolutely nonsensical rumors became Biblical…

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