Dear Mom,

Well, her it is, that first Mother’s Day as a motherless child…. but close indeed to my own daughter, sleeping in the next room… ❤ My husband was, as you can tell, a Momma's boy in the best way…. Love to you, too, Boo! Miss you always..

Thoughts from the Highway of Life


Dear Mom,

I remember you saying in the hospital, “You got to be tough if you want to live.”

Greater truth has seldom been spoken and I find myself more and more often embroiled in personal struggle. I miss our phone calls, even if they never accomplished much it was comforting to know we could commiserate about our diverse problems. I know there are others who miss your voice as well, and while I don’t mean to sound selfish, it’s your voice I hear in those wee hours of the night when sleep escapes me.

I knew life would be harder without you, even though I fervently prayed for your suffering to end. I knew I needed to step forward into a new chapter of my life but it might be easier if the obstacles were physical ones to move. I still weep when I think of all the things…

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