Photo a Day, CY365 W/E 8/1/15

26. On the Road  27. Thrill Seekers  28. One After Another  29. Sprawling  30. Marker 31. Back in the Day 1. Passing Time

11791703_10207906421642386_638286447_n26. On the Road—Sunset, no blue moon on this side of the road. Appomattox River, VA
11770466_10207886441982907_1049911405_o27. Thrill Seekers—Mighty Eagle? Nope.  Just my new orchid, uneaten and not turned over by the cat.
11823886_10207900102884421_1877301554_n28. One After Another—After Laylabug fell asleep, Neko decided naptime was a good idea. But he wasn’t giving up control of the remote.
11790364_10207869561720911_937434581_o29. Sprawling—Actually, we are doing The Hand Jive. Watching Grease.
30. Marker
11815660_10207879116439773_92273481_n  31. Back in the Day, Before Neko, I could own plants. I am taking a risk, but this beauty was on clearance for $8.

11824134_10207900087804044_1061997371_n1. Passing Time—Another morning, another sunrise. It’s AUGUST already!!!

 11801101_10207910891474129_1156580384_o  A gathering of chairs has emerged. (I love drawers and tiny chairs.)



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