Photos of the Week, CY 365 W/E 3-14-15

8. Green
9. Lime
10. Stems
11. Turf
12. Pokey
13. On the Edge
14. Pi

11031951_10206714294159944_1051643603_o9. Lime—the color, not the food ….
11064498_10206720875004461_148272150_o10. Stems—sometimes, I CAN get creative!
11068137_10206729695504968_1696722658_o11. Turf
11063988_10206733633123406_1441825020_o12. Pokey—My babiest brudders nickname is….
10390289_10206744594917444_297187807591868260_n13. On the Edge—LAST minute thought…
11073953_10206752196347475_1260065971_n14. Pi—and Grandma Elaine’s pie server
11045758_10206729579102058_1897737124_o Sometimes, you are just amused, and shoot. Painting around something on wheels? But I kind of like the composition…

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