Photos of the Week, W/E 2/14/15

8. Pink
9. So Lovely

10. Striking
11. Cozy
12. A favorite
13. Pretty in Pink
14. A Valentine

10945280_10206503187882419_6560985779357793959_n 8. Pink… Laylabug tucked herself and Baby Doll into a blanket and pillow on the floor in the den and fell asleep….(there is pink in the blanket!Rolling on the floor laughing)
10926288_10206509516320626_6053571109324531170_o 9. So Lovely –Took a leisurely walk along the Appomattox — this lichen looks like a snowflake!
10292534_10206515719115692_1442086300400246087_n 11. Cozy–My daughter is the cat whisperer tonight…
 10993962_10206534347301385_4276062036964373552_n 13. Pretty in Pink
10628265_10206539317625640_7815775243308705612_n 14. A Valentine

1484654_10206521303215291_2326546730755523039_n  I listen to a podcast analyzing a novel. The man is always pointing out how the protagonist states one thing then does the complete opposite. He says she is an unreliable narrator. Every time I see this canister in my kitchen, I hear his voice. Lol!

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