Photos of the Week, CY365 Week ending 1/24/15

Sometimes, I think the implied meaning of the prompt and what the prompt turns out to be are very different things…

18. Balance
19. Space
20. Trio
21. Meal or Play?
22. Color Blocking
23. On the Third
24. Who And What

10931236_10206359837978761_5232402099128372093_n18. Balance—I think that Glinda has been turned into Rapunzel and she is in a tower…
10386746_10206367957381741_2491795535838755247_n19. Space—It was a glorious day!
10940550_10206371290745073_3247898917582663093_n20. Trio—Totally uninspired today and had a headache at work. So as I sat on the couch watching television, thinking about what I was going to do for my photo, I was scrolling through these work photos I took today. Very often, when I have a difficult piece at work, I will take photographs for reference or for proof. This specific time was for proof for a customer who disagreed that her art was in the condition that it was.
10922682_10206374555026678_3518945298179103622_n21. Meal or Play? —I am in my studio, packing for a 2 day quilt retreat. I have an untold number of UFOs, (and embarrassment of riches as far as needles go.) So why am I trying to figure out what new project to do while at retreat? Oh, PLAY! Although, I do joke that retreat is really an excuse to get together and make lots of tasty meals for each other, interrupted by long stretches of sewing…
10420291_10206383871419582_724429530496591168_n22. Color Blocking
10933912_10206391391087569_1997478843391646374_n23. On the Third—(I braked far from the car in front of me when the light turned red and turned on phone while waiting for the light to turn green; I snapped photo and put phone down before driving ) I feel like this needs to have “Don’t try this at home” scrolled over it!!
20150124-IMG_283924. Who And What—What I have always thought of as an environmental portrait, this tells a story of some quilters on retreat…

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Prompts are from CY365!

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