The Week in Photos, W/E 1/3/14

(Which will, by default include the incidental photos I took in December, when I was actually doing Christmas Photo a Day instead…)

HAPPY 2015! How is that for a short week? I hit every prompt!

1. Good Morning 2015!
2. Think over
3. Open Possibilities

10906205_10206162964177039_9196748416834322401_n1. Good Morning 2015! *(in point of fact, good afternoon) Snuck out to take out the trash at work; sunny (and WINDY) 50 degrees!











10888906_10206175915820822_483494070857210380_n2. Think over. What was I THINKING? Can we leave the blender on the counter, he says? …. I gave the mouse a cookie…. One more counter to be waxed and then I can put the kitchen back together — with the blender in its new home…







10891889_10206196030003664_4659448822208203972_n3. Open Possibilities










And, a selection of December BONUS Christmas a Day shots…. You may have seen these already, if you follow my Facebook page!

1461633_10206075586752658_4492134862187542266_nGood Cat.

1395409_10206022847754216_6478070983643981285_nWaldo got a new sweater, and a new ride.


THIS is as close as we got to the BEST Tacky Light House in the United States.










10881612_10206051346906677_8403595336738535126_nWhat Tatiana thinks about gift exchanges.










I am not sure exactly what Santa would be asking President Lincoln for, however, there it is…










10888973_10206143433768791_7401914726090690553_n (1)10884768_10206163017258366_1222432574_n10877463_10206163000097937_436323679_n10893419_10206162978417395_1552403253_nThe LAST of 2014 …

January 4th is a day we think of  my mother-in-law, who would have been 81 today, and my dad, who died on this day 4 years ago. Thinking of them both…

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2 thoughts on “The Week in Photos, W/E 1/3/14

  1. hey Trish, wanted you to know I stopped by. It is cold and windy, and about to snow tomorrow. I hope I get two challenge quilts done while just looking out the window. I know I’ll have to walk the poodle tho.
    LeeAnna at not afraid of color, connecting

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