Photos of the Week, w/e 8/16/14 CY 365

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10. On the Brink
11. Trails
12. Resilient
13. Homegrown
14. A Favorite Food
15. On the Phone

16. From Outside In

10572773_10204983623734265_218794780_n10. On the Brink— just hours after true full…
10615936_10205003472270466_957736245_n11. Trails—- of soap suds on the car to play with…
10602663_10205026773252976_1046634624_n12. Resilient— keeps a licking and keeps on ticking!
10602731_10205007400248663_252501503_n13. Homegrown— Baseball Diamond….As American as apple pie! (terribly punny, I know)
10595889_10205011839159633_1315866778_n14. A Favorite Food— is one shared with a favorite person.
10609149_10205010146597320_1849779205_n15. On the Phone— Applying a liberal dose of Vitamin D, let me take a selfie!
10603569_10205019368347858_3968083120115939845_n16. From Outside In—walking along Sycamore Street….

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